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  • Hermetic Filters

    Corry Micronics offers industry-standard broadband hermetic filters in the 1/4-28 thread with a .383 body and the 5/16-24 thread with a .702 body. Both packages are available in C, LB, LT, Pi, and T configurations.

  • NAB2000 Preview: Visual Presentation Controller The ShowCase 3264 Visual Presentation Controller provides a combination of manual and automatic control of video sources for large multi-projector presentations
  • DSR4400MD-Motorola-Satellite Multiplex Decrypter The DSR-4400MD from Motorola is a powerful digital head-end product
  • Satellite Feed Scheduler The Intelli-Sat Broadcast Recording Manager is a powerful tool designed to automate the scheduling and recording of satellite feeds...
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  • Corry Micronics, Inc.
    Corry Micronics, Inc. Corry Micronics, located in northwestern Pennsylvania, has been producing Feedthru Capacitors and Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters since 1970...
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