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  • HXI Gigalink® HD-Link Single And Dual Channel HXI, LLC introduces the first unlicensed wireless system to transport uncompressed production HD/SDI video. Our patented Direct Digital Modulation (DDM) enables us to transport up to (2) independent, uncompressed SMPTE 292M (SMPTE 372M) production video streams simultaneously without the need for compression or forward error correction and the associated latency.
  • Raid Storage VideoRaid RT disk storage arrays offer up to 225 GB of video storage per module and will sustain a minimum data transfer rate of 55 MB/second
  • Press-In Filters Corry Micronics releases for production a series of press-in EMI filters. The filters are designed to minimize installation time while delivering the same filtering performance as Micronics’ standard bolt-in feedthrus...
  • Still Store Axess can record and play real-time clips as well as traditional still graphics
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  • Corry Micronics, Inc.
    Corry Micronics, Inc. Corry Micronics, located in northwestern Pennsylvania, has been producing Feedthru Capacitors and Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters since 1970...