News | June 29, 2001


Many of America's premiere radio stations and broadcast production companies are switching to digital technology and buying NexGen Digital Broadcasting systems manufactured by Prophet Systems Innovations (PSi). Joining the parade of more than 1,400 radio stations and broadcasters around the world in installing PSi's new generation digital automation systems: Premiere Radio Network, CBS Radio/Infinity Group, Sirius Satellite Radio, Fox Sports Radio Network, Crawford Broadcasting, Colorado Public Radio, Carson Feltz Broadcasting Group and Cumulus Media, among many others.

The conversion of radio stations' production operations from the old analog technology to digital is increasing at a rapid pace as broadcasters visualize the future radio format: all digital, all the time.

Turning to NexGen systems, a sophisticated programming control center that stores and processes all audio data, broadcasters are flocking to digital automation, and "every 96 hours another NexGen Digital system is installed" somewhere in the world, according to Prophet Systems Innovations.

Digital technology makes analog production operations obsolete so converting to digital may soon become a necessity. There's a minimal learning curve to digital equipment, but NexGen systems are flexible, reliable and very user-friendly.

NexGen features:

  • WANcasting.
  • Compressed or non-compressed audio.
  • Voice-track recording concurrent with programming.
  • Scalability from one to up to 128 stations.
  • Customized default configuration.
  • High speed digital audio extraction.

On the cutting edge of radio broadcasting technology, Prophet Systems Innovations, of Ogallala, Nebraska, a leading supplier of digital audio software, offers next generation audio products manufactured to specific requirements for expansion and growing capabilities in the broadcasting industry.


For additional information:

Jacqueline Lockhart
Director of Marketing
Prophet Systems Innovations
Phone:(858) 513-1507
Fax:(858) 748-7087

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