3D Data Visualisations

Source: vizrt
Command and control technology employs 3D data visualization
vizrtand control technology employs 3D data visualization to integrate an array of data into a real-time visual representation, providing managers with an intuitive, easy-to use tool for monitoring complex, rapidly-changing systems.

The first customer of the company's data visualization solutions is the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE"), for which the company has created a unique system that keys all information to graphic simulation of the NYSE's trading floor. With the click of a mouse, users of this system, which the company believes to be the first of it's kind in the world, can zoom in from a panoramic 3-D image of the trading floor to view any location on the floor where a NYSE-listed security is trade, At each such location, the 3D data visualization system displays then relevant security's current price as well as providing continuously-update trading and technological status reports. A system of color-coded icons instantly identifies any developing problem, whether these involve unusual fluctuations in the price of security technical problems in the NYSE's computer trading server.

The completely interactive 3D "virtual trading floor" created by the company for the NYSE in early 1998 is the company's first foray into the new field of data visualization systems, the model at NYSE is both physically and geographically accurate, using real-time rendering to represent each post on the trading floor. Data is represented on the control screen throughout icons, color and animations, making it easy to pinpoint activity or to spot unusual stock or systems activities to obtain more detailed information at a glance. Other features include virtual tickers, video monitors and 3D graphs.

RT-SET believes that other stock exchanges, as well as such other endures as financial institutions, mass transportation air and ground traffic control, utility companies, financial information providers, internet and cable TV providers, health care institutions will be able to benefit from the 3D data visualization.

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