3D Graphics Card

Source: 3Dlabs Inc.

3D Graphics Card
The Wildcat 4210 is the first graphics accelerator in the industry to offer full dual-pipeline architecture for 3D professionals
3Dlabs Inc. 4210 is the first graphics accelerator in the industry to offer full dual-pipeline architecture for 3D professionals. Wildcat 4210's dual graphics pipeline delivers twice the performance, increasing frame and texture buffers twofold. The dual-pipeline architecture also means Wildcat 4210 can support two displays when you need the performance and realistic 3D experience of Wildcat graphics, but more visual elbowroom than a single screen will allow.

Wildcat 4210 doubles-up on graphics pipelines, and also features ParaScale– an Intense3D developed 3D graphics architecture. Higher-than-ever supported screen resolutions, along with Intense3D's SuperScene antialiasing and 3D volumetric textures, lets you see your creations with better image quality and more realism than ever before.

Wildcat 4210 3D graphics features

  • Complete OpenGL 1.2 geometry acceleration using two highly-tuned geometry engines - providing 6.4 GFLOPS of geometry processing performance.
  • Large, dedicated 128 MB frame buffer and 128 MB texture memory support rich, photorealistic shading and highly detailed textures - always in true color, with maximum depth accuracy, and with double buffering enabled
  • Wide, independent buses connect frame buffer and texture memory to the graphics chipset for maximum performance
  • Dual-pipeline featuring 256-bit frame buffer and 128-bit texture buffer
  • SuperScene antialiasing - true, multi-sampled scene mode antialiasing offering higher performance and significantly lower memory utilization than typical multi-sampled antialiasing techniques
  • 3D volumetric texture support
  • Specialized DirectBurst technology optimizes the 3D graphics pipeline, significantly boosting performance
  • Advanced 2D and 3D rendering functionality guarantees maximum acceleration of the most advanced professional 3D applications
  • Digital flat panel display support
  • Designed for AGP Pro 110 (2X and 4X)
  • Can drive dual display from a single AGP Pro 110 slot

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