News | June 24, 1999

Accom, Tektronix Strike OEM Agreement

Tektronix (Wilsonville OR) and Accom (Menlo Park, CA) have signed an OEM agreement that will integrate Accom's digital video editing line (DVE) with Tek's Grass Valley switchers.

The pact also includes the marketing, distribution, and service of Accom DVE products through Grass Valley Products sales and service organizations. Beginning June 28, Grass Valley Products will brand and sell Accom Dveous products as part of a worldwide, non-exclusive distribution agreement. Dveous will be marketed with Grass Valley's Krystal digital video effects line, under the name "Gveous."

Gveous will be a twin channel product that can function as either two videos, or a video plus key plus full-bandwidth SuperShadow, a process that gives users independent control of all transforms and warps.

Grass Valley also will offer Accom's Brutus option to the GVeous product. The Brutus option is a quad twin-channel DVE that uses a combiner chassis to control two complete DVEs through a compact control panel.

This is not the first collaboration between Tek and Accom. The two companies also recently developed a codec called the "Grass Valley Control Point Language (CPL)" which links Accom DVEs to the Grass Valley 4000 and 2200 production switcher lines. The interface integrates the DVE effect into the switcher's effect timelines for automated or manual control of the effect, with the ability to align effects using the switcher's Time Align feature.