News | August 30, 2023

AdCellerant Introduces New Addressable Streaming TV™ Product With Precise Targeting And Reach

AdCellerant releases its latest product, Addressable Streaming TV, to allow advertisers to optimize the ROI of their ad campaigns.

Denver, CO /PRNewswire/ - Built on a core principle of innovation, AdCellerant announced their newest product offering, Addressable Streaming TV. This groundbreaking solution combines large-screen, TV-sized devices' unparalleled brand awareness-building capabilities with micro-targeting precision and foot traffic attribution.

AdCellerant's Addressable Streaming TV product is set to reshape how businesses connect with their target audience, maximizing the return on their investment (ROI) for every advertising dollar spent.

"It's impressive to see how well this product is already working for advertisers of different industries," said Ben Bouslog, VP of Business Development. "As we know, video is one of the fastest growing digital channels, and this product combines precision targeting, high-quality networks and inventory, and success metrics like foot traffic attribution and conversion tracking to get our partners geared up for their next opportunity.

The new Addressable Streaming TV product offers a range of benefits that enable businesses to take their advertising efforts to the next level. These benefits include precise targeting, data-driven decisions, ad experience control, cross-device attribution, a safe environment, and impactful insights.

Unlock Maximum ROI with Addressable Streaming TV
This innovation allows advertisers to optimize the ROI of their ad campaigns by strategically placing video ads during premium, professional-produced TV shows and movies. In 2022, Streaming TV viewership surpassed traditional cable for the first time, reflecting the shift in consumer preferences. With 88% of American households owning at least one internet-connected TV device and 92% of streaming content viewers using ad-supported services, the impact of Addressable Streaming TV cannot be overstated.

Proven results with AdCellerant's Addressable Streaming TV
AdCellerant collaborated with a significant investment group on a campaign targeting homeowners interested in selling their properties at a discounted rate. Think, "We buy homes for less." Upon launching their Addressable Streaming TV campaign, the investment group experienced a remarkable 55x return on ad spend. It achieved $140,000 in savings on homes purchased within the first month of its campaign. The impact was quantifiable and verified through matchback reports, solidifying the effectiveness of streaming campaigns and driving revenue.

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About AdCellerant
AdCellerant provides businesses access to high-quality digital marketing technology and solutions through partnerships with media companies and agencies. Focused on generating results and growth for businesses of all sizes, AdCellerant offers best-in-class technology and software, award-winning customer service, expert education, and exceptional operational support to ensure customer campaign performance.

Leveraging proprietary technology Ui.Marketing, AdCellerant effectively connects businesses with their ideal customer at the right time. Harnessing an easy-to-use and agile digital advertising tool, users can manage the entire buyer's journey from quick and accurate comprehensive proposal creation, campaign launch, and campaign performance. All within a single platform.

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