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Adopt The intoPIX JPEG XS Plugin For Adobe Premiere And Ease Your Live Video Workflow


intoPIX, leading provider of innovative image processing solutions, announced today the launch of its JPEG XS Plugin for Adobe Premiere for video editing and live streaming. An innovative solution that significantly speeds up the pre- and post-production pipeline in JPEG XS format.

"Our plugin creates a perfect match between a versatile tool and the low-complexity, low latency codec that will preserve the picture quality" explains Justine Hecq, Product and Business Development Manager. "It grants Adobe Premiere users hassle-free access to 10 times the data space, compared to using uncompressed video."

Proxies are part of the master with the intoPIX JPEG XS Plugin:

The plugin allows quick (re)view of HD, 4K or 8K JPEG XS MXF files by just displaying a sub-resolution, which significantly reduces the bandwidth utilization and computational load during editing or playback. The plugin enables you to switch instantly between lower and full resolutions.

HD, 4K, 8K editing at the speed of light with a normal laptop and network:

The new Plugin is embedding the FastTICO-XS SDK and meets all the requirements to switch to a JPEG XS-based workflow effortlessly: super-fast encoding and decoding, support of all resolutions from HD, 4K to 8K, a wide range of pixel formats (4:2:2,4:4:4,…), MXF wrapping and audio support. Moreover, it does not require a high loading process: you can achieve all of this using a normal Intel or AMD processor.

With access to the standardized JPEG XS format, video editors can rely on the codec’s proven quality and features: visually lossless compression, robust over multiple encoding/decoding cycles, low latency and low complexity. Hence, now it is easy to replace all those SDI-based workflows and start streaming over standard networks using SMPTE 2110. Introducing the new “uncompressed-like” format guarantees you continued quality and low latency, but you will enjoy faster editing speed using much lower bandwidth.

Visit our website for more info about our JPEG XS Plugin for Adobe Premiere, get a trial access to test the solution and then make the best decision for your video workflow.

About JPEG XS for Live Video Production

JPEG XS, one of the latest additions of the JPEG standards family, is the missing link required to ease up a video editing workflow: space-saving compression by instantaneous encoding/decoding, meaning with zero-latency. JPEG XS is being deployed in new Live IP video workflows, in local production, remote production and Cloud-based production.

About intoPIX

intoPIX creates and licenses innovative image processing and compression solutions. We deliver unique IP-cores and efficient software solutions to manage more pixels, preserve quality with no latency, save cost and power and simplify storage and connectivity. Our solutions open the way to new imaging workflows and devices, reducing costs in HD, 4K or even 8K, replacing uncompressed video.

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