News | February 14, 2019

BeBanjo Joins Entertainment Identifier Registry Association

Data and analytics company looks to implement universal identifiers to streamline workflow processes

New York City, NY (PRWEB) - The Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR), the global source of universal unique identifiers for digital distribution of movies and television assets, announced today that BeBanjo, the Spanish start-up that builds best-of-breed tools for teams managing on-demand services, has become an EIDR member.

BeBanjo provides web-based solutions for teams managing the rights, schedules and metadata of video-on-demand services. BeBanjo products increase control and efficiency for broadcasters, platform operators and studios distributing content across multiple territories and business models (AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, EST, catch-up, archive). EIDR’s unique identifiers will make it possible for BeBanjo and its counterparts to ensure precise matching of content across datasets, and eliminate title matching inefficiencies throughout its network.

“BeBanjo’s mission is to bring control and productivity to teams managing video on-demand services. Unique content IDs shared across the global media and entertainment industry are a very powerful tool to help fulfill that mission,” said François Chabat, CEO of BeBanjo. “We are seeing increased adoption of EIDR in the industry, and many BeBanjo customers - both in the US and Europe - are members or promoters of EIDR. Partnering with EIDR was therefore a natural choice for BeBanjo.”

EIDR’s unique identifiers can be easily placed as metadata within audio-visual objects across a wide variety of content, including film, SVOD and OTT, digital content and television (shows, seasons and episodes). The accompanying metadata includes title, credits, edit details and technical details, enabling users to mitigate numerous inefficiencies within the cross-platform video distribution supply chain such as time-consuming legacy processes for title matching and identification.

"As content continues to grow and be distributed across several platforms, data and analytics companies looking to dig deep into the performance metrics of commercially-available film and television titles will benefit from the versatile nature in which EIDR IDs deliver,” says Will Kreth, Executive Director of EIDR. “EIDR identifiers will provide BeBanjo with a more reliable, automated way to match content throughout their internal datasets which they leverage throughout their client offerings.”

About EIDR
EIDR (Entertainment ID Registry) is a universal identifier system for movie and television assets built to enable the automation of entertainment commerce and to increase the availability of quality data for analytics and business intelligence. EIDR provides a highly curated database that addresses commercial workflows by uniquely identifying assets ranging from top level titles to edits, digital encodings, clips and franchises. EIDR IDs are already in commercial use in various reporting and cross-platform measurement applications. For further information, visit

About BeBanjo
BeBanjo is a software company focused on building the world best back-office for teams managing video-on-demand services. BeBanjo was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. BeBanjo clients include Turner Broadcasting, ITV, Nordic Entertainment Group, BBC Studios and Vubiquity.
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