News | February 23, 2017

Calkins Digital Introduces New Linear Product

Calkins Blue provides a quick solution for managing linear streams across digital platforms

Levittown, PA (PRWEB) - Calkins Digital today announced the availability of its newest product, Calkins Blue, a linear playout system that provides media organizations and brands a faster and easier solution to launching TV-like linear streams for OTT and digital distribution.

Calkins Digital teamed up with Blue Channel Digital, based outside of Washington D.C., to combine its technology with custom elements and design features to create a new out-of-the-box linear solution for hyperlocal or niche channels.

“We are excited to be able to offer the management of linear TV in this format,” said Susan Bell, Digital Broadcast Director at Calkins Digital. “The revenue opportunities for local media and community interest groups are a real win.”

Calkins Blue provides a simple way to manage a linear TV experience on OTT devices, connected TV platforms, mobile apps, and websites. The Calkins Blue technology is a fully automated solution, making it easy for anyone to run a 24-hour linear stream with very little manual work.

With Calkins Blue, the options are limitless. Alongside streaming pre-produced video content, offerings include commercial insertion, banner ad placement, local facts, trivia, news headlines, and more. The system is flexible, which allows customized configurations and layouts.

“For more than a year we’ve been evangelizing the benefits of linear video for adoption, engagement and monetization of digital video,” said Guy Tasaka, Chief Digital Officer at Calkins Digital. “We’ve spoken to a number of broadcasters and newspaper publishers who understand the value but find the technology and resource hurdle is too high.

“With Calkins Blue, a turnkey 24/7 linear television system, any publisher, broadcaster or subject matter expert can launch a linear OTT channel, with automated monetization and channel management. Scale is not an issue. No matter how large or small your target market is the cost and revenue model will work you. Linear math works to generate meaningful revenue no matter the size of your market.

To arrange a demo of the Calkins Blue technology, or for more information on Calkins Digital’s full suite of OTT and digital video solutions, contact Blake Pollard, Head of Business Development at bpollard(at)calkins(dot)com, or visit our website.


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