Cellular Band Switched Filter Modules With Optional Amplification

Corry Micronics offers the CMIINV-5BT2-RM and CMIINV-5BLTE-RM cellular band switched filter modules with optional switched amplification for monitoring the transmit or receive cellular signals. Features include high out of band rejection specifications, high band to band isolation of 50 dB minimum, low noise figure, and standard 50 ohm impedance.

The CMIINV-5BT2-RM operates in Band 1, Band 2, Band 5, Band 13, and Band 17, while the CMIINV-5BLTE-RM operates in Band 1, Band 3, Band 7, Band 8, and Band 20. Both can receive high power input signals and requires 12-volt DC supply voltage. Product options include a range of frequency band selections, and options of 2 up to 10 channels. With a compact size and rugged construction, the device’s power and control are through a 25 pin d-sub connector.

For additional features, specifications, and operational parameters of each available model types, download the datasheets.