News | October 3, 2001

China's Research Institute of TV and Electro-Acoustics' Ministry of Information Industry Selects Tektronix Video Test Equipment for DTV Lab

Source: Tektronix
BEAVERTON, Ore., Oct. 3, 2001 - Tektronix, a leading provider of test and measurement equipment for the computer and communications industries, today announced that Research Institute of TV and Electro-Acoustics' (TVEA) Ministry of Information Industry in China has purchased Tektronix video test equipment to equip its digital TV (DTV) testing lab. After its establishment, the digital lab will be the industry source for verification of standards-compliance of DTV products in China.

TVEA purchased a variety of Tektronix video test equipment, including MTS300 MPEG analyzers, a PQA200 Picture Quality Analyzer, MTG300 MPEG-2 signal generators, VM700T video measurement systems, WFM1125 HDTV waveform monitors, and 2715 Series spectral analyzers. The Tektronix equipment will be used to support the development of China's DTV transmission standard and to support the agency in the development of defining standards for products related to DTV by assuring the quality test of DTV products.

"China is in the midst of one of the most exciting technical and consumer revolutions - the revolutionary conversion from analog video production and distribution to digital production and transmission. However, measuring and monitoring digital video is complex. It requires world-class data acquisition, high speed digital signal processing, RF knowledge, standards knowledge, and the ability to work with both analog and digital technologies, " said Bob Agnes, vice president, Video Business Unit, Tektronix. "Tektronix is the only company in the world that has this combination of knowledge in one organization. Partnering with TVEA allows Tektronix to anticipate the specific needs of its customers and provide them with enabling test and measurement solutions as they develop next-generation digital video technology."

"In China, the demand for digital television technology was influential in the decision to build a world-class test facility that will promote the digitization process of the national television industry. Our cooperation with Tektronix will help us to achieve this goal," said Sha Bing, director of Research Institute of TV and Electro-Acoustics' Ministry of Information Industry.

In the lab, the Tektronix products will help evaluate the following types of DTV satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcasting requirements: modulation characteristics, transmission testing, digital set-top box characterization, objective evaluation and analysis of picture quality, analysis of MPEG transport stream structures, and actual digital television sets. In addition, Tektronix products will also be used in compliance testing of DTV products and in embedded DTV systems testing.

About the Tektronix Products
The Tektronix PQA200 picture quality analyzer provides repeatable, objective measurements that directly replicate subjective human visual assessments. It provides valuable information to optimize compressed equipment design or quickly verify the proper operation on the production line.

The Tektronix MTS300 MPEG test system is a high-performance MPEG protocol diagnostic and analysis tool used to design, verify, and characterize products and systems using MPEG-2 technology. As a part of Tektronix' video quality of service solution, the MTS300 can be used to design and evaluate every component of an MPEG-2 network.

The MTG300 MPEG-2 generator is a flexible, cost-effective source of MPEG-2 transport streams for circuit design evaluation and conformance testing of compressed digital video products. It is ideally suited for use in research, design, and manufacturing applications. The VM family of automated video measurement sets is the industry standard for precision in automated video measurements. The VM700T is a total baseband video and audio monitoring and measurement solution that provides many capabilities in one instrument.

The WFM1125 digital high definition waveform monitor is the definitive tool for operators and engineers in the new high definition DTV environment. It is ideal for both operational and technical monitoring applications. The 2715 CATV Spectrum Analyzer is a complete cable TV radio frequency (RF) testing solution. It provides in-service testing for both analog and digital channels.

About No.3 Electronics Research Institute of Ministry of Information Industry
Research Institute of TV and Electro-Acoustics' Ministry of Information Industry is also referred to as No.3 Electronics Research Institute of Ministry of Information Industry. Since its founding 40 years ago, No.3 Electronics Research Institute Ministry of Information Industry has been dedicated to the scientific research, technical development, and industrial technology service on TV and electro-acoustics, achieving rich fruits and making great contributions to the construction of China's national economy and national defense. The institute has received 350 scientific research achievements, winning 21 national-level scientific progress awards and 112 ministry-level scientific progress awards and 14 patents.

The professional fields of No.3 Institute were broadened from the past "radio receiving and electro-acoustics," which was emphasized particularly on industry management and civil use at the beginning of its establishment, to the current TV and electro-acoustic fields, covering consumption electronics, processing and transmission of voice broadcasting and TV communication, interactive multimedia, TV tracking control, TV monitoring, anti-noise communication command, electro-acoustic period, video and voice project and equipment. In addition, No.3 Institute also plays an important role in many other fields, such as quality test, measurement, standard, information, and electronic association.

About Tektronix
Tektronix, Inc. is a test, measurement, and monitoring company providing measurement solutions to the telecommunications, computer, and semiconductor industries worldwide. With more than 50 years of experience, Tektronix enables its customers to design, build, deploy, and manage next-generation global communications networks and Internet technologies. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tektronix has operations in 25 countries worldwide. Tektronix' Web address is