News | August 11, 2021

Cloudinary Partners Wth Visionular To Add Full Support For Next-Gen Video Format AV1


Cloudinary, the media experience platform for many of the world’s top brands, today announced its partnership with Visionular, the next generation video encoding and image processing technology software company. The partnership’s goal is to further extend Cloudinary’s broad support for media formats and codecs to enable the largest websites and apps in the world to deliver unmatched experiences using the AV1 video codec and its associated image format, AVIF.

Cloudinary and Visionular are joining Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and more than forty other leading technology platforms and video streaming services that are actively driving AV1 as the next video and image standard for the Internet. The open-source, royalty-free video codec AV1 was originally developed in 2017 by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia).

AV1 was designed specifically to improve video transmissions over the Internet while offering a tremendous advantage for image file compression by enabling as much as a 50% or higher bitrate savings benefit compared to the current Internet codec standard, H.264. AV1 adoption has grown significantly in recent years thanks to ongoing technology improvements, broad hardware support, and the emergence of third-party AV1 codecs such as Visionular’s Aurora1 solution.

“In partnership with Visionular, we’re extending our broad support of image and video formats and codecs, including now AV1,” said Tal Lev-Ami, Co-founder and CTO at Cloudinary. “By automatically detecting and delivering the best performing image and video codecs, Cloudinary customers ensure that their visual media assets are displayed in the most optimal format no matter where and how they’re being consumed.”

“Like Cloudinary, Visionular is all about optimizing video and image delivery. Our Aurora1 AV1 encoder offers better visual quality than the well known open-source x265 HEVC encoder with at least a 30% bitrate savings,” said Zoe Liu, Co-founder, President and CTO of Visionular. “The pandemic has accelerated the already rising demand for broadcast-quality live-streaming, on-demand and low latency live and real-time interactive communications. AV1 supports all these video use cases, and with more than 100 coding tools it gives video distributors more options to improve performance and delight their customers.”

Cloudinary not only supports new standards, but also helps to develop them through Cloudinary Labs. This innovation lab was recently launched to drive analysis and development of new technologies and codecs, different approaches to media creation and processes, and cutting-edge concepts that will reshape the future of visual media. The company also took an active role in developing the next-generation image format JPEG XL.


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About Visionular

Visionular is a next-generation video encoding and image processing technology software company. We build solutions that harness the power of AI and ML using advanced codec technologies so that your video app or streaming service can delight more users. Our team wakes up excited to deliver world-leading video solutions and services in the field of video encoding, transcoding, processing, and enhancement, powered by our proprietary AI and adaptive solutions. We are proud of our engineering-driven culture and as experts in the standards of AV1, H.265/HEVC, and H.264/AVC we build solutions for deployment in the data center, public cloud, and on devices including PCs and mobile. To learn more, visit ​​

About Cloudinary

Cloudinary’s mission is to empower companies to deliver visual experiences that inspire and connect by unleashing the full potential of their media. With more than 50 billion assets under management and 8,000 customers worldwide, Cloudinary is the industry standard for developers, creators and marketers looking to upload, store, transform, manage, and deliver images and videos online. As a result, leading brands like Atlassian, Bleacher Report, Bombas, Grubhub, Hinge, NBC, Mediavine, Peloton, Petco and Under Armour are seeing significant business value in using Cloudinary, including faster time to market, higher user satisfaction and increased engagement and conversions. For more information, visit

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