Component Video Converters

Source: Ensemble Designs
Serial Box converters offer precise 10 bit processing of all video signals
Ensemble Designsconverters offer precise 10 bit processing of all video signals. The Ensemble Designsproduct line covers 601 Serial Digital, Analog Y, R-Y, B-Y and RGB component, S-video, composite NTSC and PAL video formats. Internal and external sync options and sync on/off are provided where applicable. 525 and 625 line standards are supported.

Serial Boxes carry the 601 Digital Component signal in its native Y, R-Y, B-Y colorspace at the full 10 bit resolution of the standard at all times. In addition, specific processing is performed at higher bit precision. Ensemble Designssystems provide nearly 1000 different values for each component thanks to 10 bit quantization. 8 bit systems support just 255 levels. This fine granularity means that extremely subtle shading and detail can be recorded and reproduced. 10 bit systems are superior in their ability to perform complex effects, delicate keying, layering and other assorted trix with superb fidelity.

Compact in size, Serial Boxes can be placed directly where conversion is needed, such as at a monitor, workstation, switcher, DDR or VTR, so that cable runs are minimized. Alternately, the included rackmount kit can be used to combine a pair of Serial Boxes into a single 1RU package, ideal for centralized facilities. Different "flavors" of Serial Boxes can be mixed or matched.

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