News | June 19, 2003

Corry Micronics Introduces a Complete Line of Industry Standard Filter Plates

Source: Corry Micronics, Inc.
Corry Micronics Introduces a Complete Line of Industry Standard Filter Plates

Corry, PA -- Corry Micronics, Inc. releases for production a series of industry standard filter plates. Standards for EMI/RFI noise suppression have become more stringent in recent years requiring additional filtering. On-board filtering solutions many times do not supply sufficient filtering. The coaxial design of the tubular capacitor filter acts as an interference trap by filtering the unwanted noise and shunting it to ground.

Filter plates reduce installation and overall cost when compared to discrete off-board filtering methods. Filter plates are available in many different mechanical and electrical packages. Corry Micronics offers filter plate arrays with .100" and 2mm centers. The .100" centered filter plate arrays are available in "C" and "Pi" configurations with capacitance values from 68pF to 5000pF. The high-density filter plate arrays with lead spacing of 2mm are offered only in the "C" configuration up to 5,000pF.

Packages are available in bolt-in and clip plate versions. Custom packages are also available upon customer request.

Click here to download pdf datasheets of Corry Micronics' filter plates.

About Corry Micronics
Corry Micronics, Inc., located in Corry, Pennsylvania has been producing Feedthru Capacitors and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) Filters since 1970. Established as a response to the needs of the United States Department of Defense and expanding into Aerospace, Wireless, and CATV industries, Quality has always been first priority at Micronics.