Digital Television Receiver

Source: HDTV Group, TeVCA Technologies
Digital Television Receiver
The HDTV Digital Terrestrial/Satellite Receiver is ATSC Television Compliant
The HDTV Digital Terrestrial/Satellite Receiver is ATSC Television Compliant and receives the U.S. Advanced Television System Code via terrestrial (local) or satellite broadcasting signals and converts them into RGB or YprPb component signals for suitable for the consumer's HDTV display. The receiver supports the MPEG-2 video system, Main Profile at High Level (HD) and Main Profile at Main Level (SD), the AC-3 digital audio compression as well as the MPEG-2 audio system, an EPG or the Electronic Program Guide, an on-screen PSIP station and program data, and all basic features of the ATSC US digital television standard.

Features include:

  • Fully compliant with ATSC Digital Television Standard
  • Receives 8/16VSB terrestrial (local ) broadcasting RF signal
  • Receives QPSK satellite broadcasting RF signal
  • Demultiplexer data rate up to 38.6 Mbps
  • 5.1-channel Dolby AC-3 digital audio compression
  • 2-channel MPEG-1 layer I & II audio
  • 6-channel MPEG-2 layer II audio
  • Supports Dolby Pro Logic audio
  • Ancillary data services - Program Guide / System Information
  • Video output
  • Connector : 5 x BNC / 15pin D-sub
  • Signal : RGB or YPbPr, 1 Vpp with 75 Ohm termination
  • Sync : Separated Bi-level H & V
  • Audio output - Connector : 6 x RCA -Signal : 6 channels (L,R,Ls,Rs,Center,LFE), 3 Vpp
  • Supports ATV main display and NTSC PIP and vice versa
  • OSD : Transparency & Blending, 256 colors
  • Front panel keys & IR remote controller user interface
  • IEEE-1394b & EIA-775 HDTV digital interconnections (Optional)
  • IEEE 802.3, 10baseT, Ethernet interface (Optional)
  • RS232C & RS422 Serial data interface, up to 2Mbps (Optional)
  • ATM25 Telephone Connections (Optional)
  • DVD ROM Player connections (Optional)

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