DSR4400MD-Motorola-Satellite Multiplex Decrypter

Source: Satellite Engineering Group, Inc.

The DSR-4400MD from Motorola is a powerful digital head-end product

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  • Delivers 256 and 64 QAM satellite multiplexes
  • Concurrent decryption of up to 24 services, each service may include video, multiple audio channels and data
  • DHEI and ASI output. Selectable 38.8(default) or 26.97
  • Mbps transport outputs
  • MCPC and SCPC operation
  • Dual L-Band input ports
  • Stackable 1RU chasis

The DSR-4400MD from Motorola is a powerful digital head-end product, capable of simultaneous decryption of up to 24 services. Whether your application is to feed a 256 QAM channel or a 64 QAM channel, the DSR-4400MD is the answer. With the DSR-4400MD, you can output a full MPEG-II Multiplex at an information rate of 38.8 Mbps or 26.97 Mbps, depending on your needs. The DSR-4400MD comes equipped with industry standard interefaces that enable seamless connection to digital head-end equipment.

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