DVCPRO HD Camera/Recorder

Source: Ikegami Electronics (USA) Inc.
The HDL-V90 One-Piece DVCPRO HD Digital Camera/Recorder includes the next-generation digital processing IC (ASIC) that provides...
The HDL-V90 One-Piece DVCPRO HD Digital Camera/Recorder includes the next-generation digital processing IC (ASIC) that provides advanced signal processing capabilities through its 0.18um design rule. It provides superior picture quality to an SDTV camera, yet retains the same mobility and low power consumption.

Video processing is now fully digital through the use of 12-bit A/D conversion and a maximum 30-bit internal processing (operation). Non-lineal processing, such as white shading compensation and gamma compensation, has also been digitized, thus producing consistently high picture quality and reliability.

The DTL circuit incorporates a digital DTL circuit that uses a three-tap vertical filter, which utilizes the high-area components of HDTV. High picture quality can be obtained during stand-alone operation, such as at VTR locations. With a memory card that can store complex camera settings, this camera is easy to use as an SDTV camera.

A rotary encoder for setting up the camera is located on the side of the camera. This enables the camera to be adjusted and serviced without a remote control panel. The operation status of the camera can be stored on a memory card (Smart Media: SSFDC 8MB). The camera can be easily set up by calling up stored data.

The camera has a personal function switch that can be allocated to a function frequently used by the user. The required function can be operated simply by pressing the on/off switch.

Hue subject to Skin DTL can be adjusted with one-touch operation. This enables Skin DTL to be operated easily in the field.

Attachment of a VTR adapter enables output of component signals to an external device. Any VTR that uses a BTA-1005S system can be connected.

The lens mount caters to 2/3 inch BTA s-1005B lenses. This means that HDTV lenses and potable SDTV lenses can be used.

The VTR component employs the latest HD VTR format, DVCPRO HD. This provides the impressive picture quality of digital components and the ability to record using high quality 48 kHz/16 bit digital audio. Audio and full color video (HD SDI output) can be output having to use and adapter.

This camera/recorder is equivalent in size to a SDTV camera. When fully operational, including a two-inch VF, lens and battery, it weighs less than 6.5 kg. While the device is an integrated digital camera and digital VTR, it still has a low power consumption of 30W.

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