Newsletter | July 13, 2007

07.13.07 — Feature Article: Crestron Unveils High-Definition Digital Video Processor
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Clustered Storage: Valuable Today – Requisite Tomorrow
A Validation Lab Report by Enterprise Strategy Group

Read this industry analyst paper on why Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) believes that all storage systems need to be highly virtualized to evolve from fixed and finite to fluid and boundless. Instead of a one size fits all approach, you have a storage system that can scale to any size you need, as seen with the LeftHand iSCSI SAN and their "better by design" approach to storage and clustering. Their unique approach addresses manageability, scalability, availability, and performance simultaneously.

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Crestron Unveils High-Definition Digital Video Processor
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UDcast Expands DVB-H Mobile TV Technology To Japanese And Far East Asia Markets With Zentek
Toshiba Adds HD DVD Drive And Intel Centrino Duo Processor Technology To Satellite P205
NAVTEQ Tapped By Panasonic To Power Its First U.S. Mobile Navigation System
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