FleXnake Audio Snake Cables

Source: Belden Electronics Division
The multiple-pair audio snake cable has a long flex life and exhibits an extremely low level of microphonic and triboelectric noise
Blden's new Brilliance FleXnake Snake Cable brings superior performance to traditional analog, remote field-deployable broadcast cabling applications. It features Belden's exclusive "French Braid Double Shield" (U.S. Patent Number 5,303,630), for unsurpassed flexibility and excellent EMI/RFI shielding capabilities. This ultra-flexibility means that Belden FleXnake Snake Cable lays absolutely flat with no kinking.

Meeting the Diverse Needs of the Broadcast Industry
Belden FleXnake Snake Cables are used to connect multiple audio channels in low-level (microphone), and high-level (line) componentry such as the console board equipment for recording studios, radio and TV stations, post production facilities, and sound system installations.

These cables feature individually shielded and jacketed pairs, so the pairs can be split out of the overall jacket as needed and still maintain their mechanical integrity. Each pair is numbered and color-coded with non-repeating colors. As a result, Belden snake cables allow for direct, easy identification and convenient handling of individual pairs.

Superior Electrical Performance and Flexibility
FleXnake Snake Cables feature Belden's patented "French Braid" Shield, a double spiral (double serve) bare copper shield with the two spirals tied together by one weave. Belden's "French Braid" Shield provides a 10–20% improvement in flex life over both standard braid and single spiral shields.

Another benefit of Belden's "French Braid" Shield is that it produces much lower levels of microphonic and triboelectric noise than conventional braid and single or double-spiral shields — up to 50% lower. It also provides for a lower DC loop resistance than a single spiral braid, for improved performance.

Superior Physical Characteristics and Easier Installation
Belden's "French Braid" Shield is easier to terminate than a standard braid since it is not fully woven. Additionally, the "French Braid" Shield provides more pulling strength and better connector retention than a spiral shield. This design features a tinned copper drain wire for fast and easy identification from the bare copper shield strands. The result is a faster, simpler connectorization. Belden FleXnake Snake Cables are compatible with both XLR and EDAC connectors.

These cables feature high strand count 24 AWG conductors, for lower loss and greater flex life. Compared with the 26 AWG conductors typical of other snake cables, these heavier conductors provide more durability and ruggedness. In particular, they are less susceptible to mechanical failure when used in punchdown block applications. The 24 AWG conductors also provide 25% lower DC resistance than conventional 26 AWG snake cables.

Belden FleXnake Snake Cables feature a super-flexible, cut- and abrasion-resistant jacket, further contributing to their overall durability.

Construction Details
Belden FleXnake Snake Cables feature 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, or 32 pairs of high strand-count 24 AWG bare copper conductors with poly-olefin insulation. Pair jackets are made of PVC and are color-coded and numbered for easy identification. No colors are repeated. These cables are furnished on standard Belden spools for easy deployment — even in assembly-type OEM production environments. Belden FleXnake Snake Cable is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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