News | May 14, 2001


Source: Prophet Systems Innovations (PSi), a division of Clear Channel Communications

As digital automation takes over from the old analog technology as the new format for radio broadcasting, the Fox Sports Radio Network has committed to digital at its two production operations in Los Angeles.

"Digital automation makes Fox Sports Radio programming one of the most technologically advanced in the broadcast industry," said Scott D. Savage, vice president and general manager of Fox Sports Radio. "Our goal is all digital, all the time."

To meet its goal, Fox has bought two NexGen Digital Broadcasting systems manufactured by Prophet Systems Innovations (PSi), of Ogallala, Nebraska.

The NexGen systems, programming control centers that store and process all audio data, are installed and fully-functional in Fox's state-of-the-art digital broadcasting center in Sherman Oaks, California, and at its motion picture studio in nearby Century City.

"Digital technology made analog and other broadcasting recording methods obsolete, so why not be among the most technologically advanced broadcasting outlets in America?" Savage said. "We selected the NexGen digital automation system because we believe it is unsurpassed in flexibility and reliability and, best of all, very user-friendly to on-air sports personalities."

The switch to digital technology from the vintage analog has become a necessity, believes Savage. Automating the day's programming doesn't just save time but saves a station money as well.

Fox Sports Radio, which began operations in mid-2000, uses on-air talent out of two locations: its production center and the Fox Studio. A T-1 line carries the transmission from Century City to the broadcasting center. Sports personalities at the Sherman Oaks studio interact with others back at the motion picture lot.

Banks of flat-panel computer monitors simultaneously display both static Web sites and live-action video of sports events, which allow the on-air hosts to easily monitor the action. To maximize the efficiency of the center, every room has been wired to be part of the fiber optic digital production network.

After viewing the operation, it is easy to understand why Fox Sports Radio Network has embraced the NexGen digital system: Fox joins more than 1,400 stations around the world that have installed NexGen Digital Broadcast.

On the cutting edge of radio broadcast technology, Prophet Systems Innovations, a leading supplier of digital audio software, offers next generation audio products manufactured to specific requirements for expansion and growing capabilities in the broadcasting industry.


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