News | March 1, 2006

HDMI Receiver Chip Provides High Performance With Support Up To 40 Meters

San Diego, CA - Vativ Technologies, Inc. announced the industry's highest performance High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) receiver chip for next generation digital TVs. Vativ's VTV2320 chip enables the connection of three independent HDMI inputs to a digital television. Furthermore, the VTV2320 allows any two of the three input sources to be selected for simultaneous or parallel HDMI and HDCP decoding and display.

By allowing three independent inputs the VTV2320 provides customers the ability to connect multiple HDMI sources such as high-definition set-top boxes, DVD players, and gaming consoles to a digital television. In addition, the VTV2320's dual output decoding feature enables manufacturers to offer highly desired HD-PIP (Picture-in-Picture) and HD-split screen features to the consumer. The VTV2320 is the industry's first and only HDMI receiver to provide these benefits.

"The VTV2320 HDMI receiver is a timely solution for the next generation of advanced digital televisions," said Brian O'Rourke, senior analyst at In-Stat. "Vativ's multiple input /multiple output solutions and DSP technology should give it an edge on the competition."

The VTV2320 chip offers superior performance because it is designed with Vativ's innovative DSP technology. By using on-chip digital adaptive equalization, Vativ's receiver can recover signals error-free from HDMI transmit sources up to 40 meters away. Thus, the equalization performance of the VTV2320 exceeds the standard's requirement by 500%.

"We are very excited to present the industry's first three input, dual output HDMI receiver device for the next generation of advanced digital televisions," said Sreen Raghavan, President & CEO of Vativ Technologies. "HDMI has been rapidly adopted by the consumer electronics industry and this chip will enable our customers to support the greatest number of HD video input sources in a single IC while offering true HD-PIP and HD-split screen features to the consumer. Moreover, Vativ's advanced DSP technology provides a new level of receiver performance and robustness that is unmatched in the industry."

The device incorporates two HDCP decryption engines with on chip, factory programmed keys. The receiver also includes a digitally controlled phase locked loop (DPLL) that provides superior jitter tracking capability. It is fully compliant to the HDMI 1.2 standard; and it supports all resolutions including 1080p on both outputs. The chip consumes a maximum power of 2.0W when both outputs are operating at the highest pixel rate. In addition, it is available in a small 15 x 15 mm BGA package.

SOURCE: Vativ Technologies, Inc.