Source: Fujinon Inc.
The HA10x5 is a small and light wide-angle portable HDTV lens
Fujinon a small and light wide-angle portable HDTV lens. Fujinon the newest portable broadcast HDTV lens in the DIGI POWER Series and has been designed for applications requiring a compact wide-angle lens.

A push of the C/Z (Cruise Zoom) switch while zooming will fix the zooming speed at the existing rate. Once it is fixed, the speed will remain constant throughout the zoom range. Also, zoom and focus can be preset and memorized in advance at a selected shot. One touch of the switch during shooting will instantly return to the memorized position.

The ten-speed mode select function provides 10 positions for zoom
speed settings. A camera operator can select the most effective speed for a particular shot. The HA10x5's new QUICKFRAME function provides
quick framing for operators that prefer manual zoom. The system provides for seamless switching of motor-driven zooming to the manual operation, framing a shot, and then switching back to the motor-driven zooming operation.

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