High Definition Video Analyzer

Source: SyntheSys Research, Inc.
High Definition Video Analyzer
The BitAlyzerHDTV, Model HDVA292, is a comprehensive digital analyzer for high-definition...
The BitAlyzerHDTV, Model HDVA292, is a comprehensive digital analyzer for high-definition serial digital video signals (SMPTE 292M). The unit operates at a serial data rate of 1.485 Gbps and provides analysis for the following source formats:
• 1035-I/30.00
• 1035-I/29.97
• 1080-I/30.00
• 1080-I/29.97
• 1080-I/25.00
• 1080-P/30.00
• 1080-P/29.97
• 1080-P/25.00
• 1080-P/24.00
• 1080-P/23.98
• 720-P/60.00
• 720-P/59.94
• 1080-SF/24.00
• 1080-SF/23.98

Views for analyzing input signals with the BitAlyzerHDTV include: System Status, Error Statistics, Error Log, Error DetectiveTM, Vectorscope, Data Waveform, Data Spreadsheet, and Data Picture.

The BitAlyzerHDTV is designed to make testing easier and faster. The simple touchscreen control graphical user interface is presented in color on a 9.4-inch active matrix LCD display. An internal 1.44 MB floppy disk is used to transfer error logs and load software. Built-in networking enables printing and file sharing on local area networks.

Applications for Manufacturing, Broadcasting and Production
For manufacturers, the BitAlyzerHDTV enables unattended logging for burn-in tests, comprehensive error analysis for design validation, unique error capturing for diagnosing problems during system bring-up and production, and multiple report formats for certifying equipment operations.

For broadcasting and studio engineers, the BitAlyzerHDTV enables quick confirmation of standards compliance, easy validation of link performance, simple diagnosis of malfunctioning equipment, and convenient hardcopy reports for documenting system performance.

BitAlyzerHDTV Features
• Enables measurement of the video waveform
• Displays the high definition video image
• Captures pixel errors for easy diagnosis
• Verifies equipment compliance for up to 14 source formats
• Tests for errors in physical interconnects
• Performs unattended error monitoring

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