News | October 28, 2008

Idealstor Launches 1.5TB Removable Disk Backup Media

Source: Idealstor LLC

50% Increase in Removable Media Capacity Moves Idealstor to the Head of the Pack

Idealstor, a leading manufacturer of removable disk-to-disk backup solutions, recently announced that they have released a 1.5TB removable SATA disk for use with their line of removable disk backup systems. This announcement increases Idealstor's lead in removable disk media capacity which they claim further strengthens the argument for using removable disk media in place of tape for backup and disaster recovery.

Idealstor manufactures removable disk backup systems that are designed to replace or augment tape backup. Idealstor backup systems are available for organizations of all sizes with systems available with 1 removable drive bay up to 8 with removable disk capacities up to 12TB per system. Unlike most disk to disk backup systems on the market today that are designed for storing data, Idealstor uses a combination of hardware and software to make the disks removable so they can be used for offsite storage of data and disaster recovery. Idealstor removable media is unique in that they utilize non-proprietary 3.5" SATA2 drives as backup media. These drives can be purchased through regular retailers or as a kit from an Idealstor channel partner that includes their ruggedized removable disk caddy and a protective carrying case.

"This announcement is especially important for their SMB range of products", says Jeff Main, President of Questeq an Idealstor premier channel partner based in Pennsylvania. "We have been selling Idealstor backup systems for a few years now and have had a number of wins with their Teralyte product which targets the SMB. We used to sell LTO-3 drives for these customers because of the capacity LTO offered. We have since switched to selling the Idealstor Teralyte because it not only offers faster transfer rates and more reliable backups, their native capacity is nearly 4 times that of LTO-3 and twice that of LTO-4. Now with 1.5TB drives available this product is even more compelling as we can offer a backup system with up to 1.5TB of removable media capacity/cartridge for only $1995.00."

"We are very excited to announce that we have successfully tested and certified the 1.5TB SATA2 drives for use with our removable disk backup systems," said Ben Ginster, channel marketing manager at Idealstor. "This increase in capacity offers a major benefit to our existing and potential clients. Without having to upgrade their backup system, our capacities just increased 50%. This means that existing clients can simply purchase larger disks as their data increases rather than having to upgrade the entire drive and backup media like one would have to do with tape."

About Idealstor
Idealstor manufactures removable/ejectable disk backup systems that are designed to augment or completely replace tape as backup and offsite storage media. The Idealstor Backup Appliance has been on the market for over 5 years offering a fast, reliable and portable alternative to tape based backup systems. Each Idealstor system uses industry standard SATA disk as the target for backup data and as offsite media. Systems range from 1 removable drive up to 8 and can be used by a range of businesses from SMB to corporate data centers. Disk capacities mirror that of the major SATA manufacturers. Uncompressed capacities of 200GB, 320GB, 400GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB and 1.5TB are currently available.

SOURCE: Idealstor LLC