Lens Remote Control System

Source: Innovision Optics, Inc.
Lens Remote Control System
"Charly" is a 5-channel wireless remote control system for broadcast video lenses
"Charly" is a 5-channel wireless remote control system for broadcast video lenses. Created by Bebob Broadcast Engineering of Munich, the system employs five control channels for remote adjustment of zoom, focus, and iris, as well as VTR and Return functions. Working with a lens' internal zoom and iris motors, it requires no external supports, motors or power supply.

The system's receiver utilizes digital technology and is designed to be compact, reliable and flexible. Weighing 380 g (13 oz) and measuring 85 mm x 105 mm x 70 mm, the receiver may be attached with a single screw. Set-up and calibration are completed in minutes. Features include an integrated focus motor with slip clutch and changeable gears (focus adjustment speed is one second for the lens' entire range), as well as electronic control of lens zoom and iris motors. The system's receiver is powered by the camera and requires 7W-12V for operation.

The system's main computer module allows precise positioning of the motors. A control channel continuously analyzes the radio signal path to ensure quality and dependability. The transmitter is equipped with 17 available broadcast channels and uses a frequency band of 40 MHz. This lightweight (1120 g), compact (175 mm x 105 mm x 90 mm) unit provides 8-bit focus resolution and stepless zoom and iris resolution. Its ergonomic design includes large, easily adjustable iris and focus control knobs with reversible rotation. Settings may be handwritten directly onto the transmitter's luminous front panel. The transmitter is powered by 8 AA batteries, for 8-12 hours of operation. An optional 12-volt adapter is available.

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