News | August 28, 2019

LivePark Aims To Fuse TV And Internet With Limelight's Low Latency Live Streaming Solution

Tokyo - ( BUSINESS WIRE ) - Limelight, the Japanese subsidiary of Limelight Networks, which provides a content delivery network (CDN) distributed via the world's largest private network・Networks Japan Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Takayuki Tadokoro, Limelight) is LivePark Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kiyoyasu Ando, ​​August 2019 HAROiD) Change, LivePark) announces the introduction of Limelight's low latency live streaming solution "Limelight Realtime Streaming".

LivePark provides commercials and interactive content that viewers can participate in in real time by linking devices such as smartphones connected to the Internet with TV programs and commercials. We are developing services such as “Live Channel”, an interactive live entertainment optimized for smartphones, and “LiVE CM”, which allows viewers nationwide to participate in TV commercials in real time through smartphones and the Web.

This time LivePark aims to realize a real-time delivery without delay and a video player that can freely change the angle of view in order to realize a new interactive viewing experience for TV programs and CM devices. We introduced Limelight Realtime Streaming, a live video streaming solution that can be delivered anywhere in the world with a delay of less than 1 second.

  • Limelight's `` Limelight Realtime Streaming '' that suppresses delays of up to 40 seconds

When you try to answer a quiz given on the program within the time limit on your smartphone, if the quiz screen display is delayed or the answer is not reflected in real time, it will be an experience that will satisfy the viewer. Cannot be provided. Similarly, if it takes several seconds for the action from the smartphone to be reflected in the call from the program, it is not interactive content. In fact, when performing real-time delivery via the Internet with LivePark, there was a case where a delay of 4 seconds at the earliest and a delay of 40 seconds at the latest occurred.

With the introduction of “Limelight Realtime Streaming”, live videos can be delivered to viewers around the world with a delay of less than 1 second. The biggest feature is that it adopts the protocol `` WebRTC '' that realizes real-time delivery of audio and video using a device standard web browser, and using this protocol, special applications can be installed on the device Real-time distribution is possible without doing it. In addition to utilizing UDP / IP, which is a high-speed and lightweight protocol for data transfer, a WebRTC server is installed at each connection point connected by Limelight's world's largest private network. Realizes high-speed delivery with less than 1 second.

  • Realized a video player that can freely change the angle of view through joint development with LivePark

The smartphone display is basically a vertical display. If you hold the screen vertically while holding it vertically, the screen will become smaller and difficult to see. Therefore, LivePark seeks the realization of a video player that can be displayed in a portrait state and the angle of view can be freely changed, and developed a software development kit (SDK) with Limelight, and a video player that can freely change the angle of view. Realized.

LivePark has been collaborating with Limelight since the beginning of 2019, verified 24 hours of live distribution, etc., and completed the construction of a distribution platform that adopted `` Limelight Realtime Streaming '' in the middle of March 2019. Utilization has begun.

Onodera, product manager at LivePark, said:

“Limelight Realtime Streaming was the best solution to solve the challenges we faced. In fact, it was evaluated by TV staff as“ no delays, very fast. ” With the launch of the 5th generation mobile communication system (5G), live distribution will also evolve to the next stage, and we will pursue real-time communication that is more interactive while keeping an eye on the changing times. And want to provide a newer viewer experience. "

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