NAB Preview: Broadcast Production Console

Source: AMS Neve Inc
NAB Preview: Broadcast Production Console
Libra Live is an all-digital audio mixing console designed specifically for live television, radio and similar production applications
AMS Neve Incis an all-digital audio mixing console designed specifically for live television, radio and similar production applications.

Both studio and remote versions are available with a number of options to cater for different applications. The compact control surface is designed for fast operation with full access to all controls and immediate visibility of essential status such as routing and signal levels.
AMS Neve Incuses the same Digital Signal Processing engine as the well established Logic series post production and DFC film consoles, backed up with advanced resiliency features.

This highly flexible processing allows engineers to configure AMS Neve Incfor a new application within minutes, for example changing the number of mono or stereo channels, putting processing exactly where it is needed, or creating additional inputs or outputs.

AMS Neve Incis designed to meet the needs of DTV. The full list of features is too extensive to include here, but a key benefit is the ability to upgrade the console to meet the requirements of a continually changing future.


  • DTV ready
  • User and application specific configurations
  • Built in I/O Router, with analogue and digital options
  • Traditional, console-wide mix bus architecture
  • 12 to 48 faders, 12 to 96 inputs (mono or stereo) plus multitrack returns
  • A mix-minus output, including talkback and AFL for each fader
  • Full surround sound capability
  • Simple to learn, fast to operate control surface
  • Full complement of bargraph and VU meters
  • Snapshot automation
  • Redundant PSUs as standard
  • Mono and/or stereo inputs in any position
  • exible GPI system
  • Superb audio performance
  • VCA-style and audio subgroups
  • Full processing available to any input, output, group or aux path

New for NAB2000:

  • New studio integration options including a flexible GPI (General Purpose Interface) interface system;
  • Enhanced support for MADI digital audio routers and fibre connections

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