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New Nano Express Software Puts Creating TV Channels Into Hands Of Individual Publishers

Pickerington, OH /PRNewswire/ - Ohio-based company iRankLocally LLC has announced the release of Nano Express v1.0, their new streaming media software which speeds up and simplifies the previously daunting task of publishing channels on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and other supported platforms.

While the idea of centrally defining the TV program and having it reflected in all of the channels across multiple platforms is not a new one, what sets Nano Express apart is the level of automation. The software operates by comprising multitudes of small tasks, nano tasks, into a single operation to be performed at a click of a mouse.

The end result goes beyond taking away the technical complexity and speeding up the publishing process, by allowing individual operators to single-handedly create and manage multitudes of TV channels.

With this in mind, regardless of the Nano Express licensing plan the users select, they get the right to publish an unlimited number of channels on all supported platforms, for themselves, and also for their own clients.

This makes Nano Express particularly valuable to individuals looking to take advantage of the rapidly expanding cord-cutting streaming market, as well as online agencies seeking to bolster their services to their local or global communities.

It is hard to think of a business that would not benefit from being on TV. As a trusted media source with potentially massive audiences, being on TV has been known to lift businesses from the relative obscurity into the limelight and the position of authority almost overnight. Instead of budgeting for TV advertising, business owners now have a viable alternative of launching their own channels and commanding much larger audiences, while maintaining full control over the content.

When it comes to channels that are published on platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast, the videos comprising TV programs are normally placed into one or more categories, and available on-demand. Nano Express empowers the channel owners to go one step further, and freely combine the on-demand items with one or more live-streams in their TV programs.

This way, they get to regularly run live events, news or training, or answer questions in real time and on TV, that people ask on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere on social media.

"We all love events," says Brill O'Shea, the CIO of iRankLocally. "That's why we queue to watch the game live on hard, uncomfortable benches, instead of watching the replay from the recliner with the aircon switched on. For this reason, when you live-stream to your audience, it's a big thing - and with Nano Express installed, you can now do it even if all you have is a mobile phone with the Internet connection."

Live-streaming possibilities do not end there. One of the Nano Express features is TrueTV, which allows for the weekly TV program scheduling and live-streaming, much like a true TV station. Video spots, movies, series, and live segments can be combined, and live-streamed one after another, automatically.

"Directly competing with giants such as Netflix or Disney probably wouldn't get you far", says streaming media expert Dr Alex Davidovic, "...but with a tool like Nano Express, carving out a virtual monopoly in your niche and winning the status of the industry leader just became a whole lot easier."

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SOURCE: iRankLocally LLC

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