News | October 1, 2001

New Variable-Aspect Converter From Snell & Wilcox Provides 20:20 Vision

Source: Snell & Wilcox, Inc.

Proprietary filter in ARC 20:20 delivers high quality, artifact-free, output

Amsterdam - With its user friendly "button-per-function" ease of control, the ARC 20:20 variable-aspect ratio converter from Snell & Wilcox, Inc. is ideal for applications that require pristine ratio conversion with minimal delay - such as high-end post-production and broadcast environments. The ARC 20:20 was introduced during the recent IBC convention held in Amsterdam.

The ARC 20:20 is a 10-bit, bi-directional, broadcast-quality aspect ratio converter with serial digital inputs and outputs. It includes high-quality vertical-temporal filtering, which makes use of all input picture lines and a comprehensive selection of conversion modes to provide artifact-free output of maximum resolution over a wide range of picture sizes and aspect ratios.

Input and output blanking enables the operator to clean the edges of a picture, e.g. when 4:3 material is displayed on a widescreen set. Background color is fully selectable. The ARC 20:20 includes composite (analog) output for monitoring, which if desired can also include engineering data.

In addition to the pre-set values for position and size, horizontal zoom and active picture size can be adjusted over a 2:1 to 1:2 range. This, combined with the ultra-smooth adjustment of horizontal and vertical picture position, means the ARC 20:20 can supply a broad range of dynamic zoom, pan and tilt effects.

ARC 20:20 is part of the new 'Kudos Plus' range of 1U signal processing equipment from Snell & Wilcox. Building on the success of the 'Kudos by Snell & Wilcox' range first produced five years ago, the latest range of Kudos Plus products provides a similarly attractive combination of price and performance, together with additional features such as a range of control options and the facility to customise.

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