News | November 10, 2008

OMVC Applauds Multi-Station Tests Delivering Broadcast Mobile DTV In Chicago

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) today applauded technical mobile DTV field trials conducted simultaneously by two member stations in the Chicago region. ION Media Networks' WCPX and Fox Television Stations' WPWR are conducting successful field trials utilizing the proposed Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Mobile DTV Standard that enables local broadcasters to deliver live, local and national over-the-air digital television to consumers via next-generation mobile devices.

The OMVC is an alliance of broadcasters whose mission is to accelerate the development of mobile digital television in the United States.

"The OMVC is inspired by the leadership of its members and their commitment to mobile DTV. Both WCPX and WPWR have demonstrated the successful integration of the proposed ATSC Mobile DTV standard," said Anne Schelle, OMVC Executive Director. "With ATSC Mobile DTV ready to be deployed, consumers can have access to live broadcast content anytime, anywhere."

The emerging ATSC Mobile DTV standard aligns with broadcasters' objective to provide viable, consumer-friendly mobile DTV services in 2009. It is a robust and flexible standard that supports both early demonstrations and fully-developed implementations. In addition, the ATSC Mobile DTV standard, which is expected to be adopted as an ATSC Candidate Standard by early December and a final standard by early summer, offers consumer electronics device manufacturers and automakers with a value proposition: the opportunity to capture a major share of an untapped market and a rapid development time.

"As we forge ahead with our shared objective of launching mobile DTV services in 2009, the standard has proven to meet the challenges of such complex terrain as Chicago. We look forward to actualizing the mobile broadcast platform and providing consumers with real-time, full motion television – traditional, broadcast and network TV content," commented Brandon Burgess, OMVC President and ION Media Networks Chairman and CEO.

"The positive results of OMVC members' testing in Chicago speak volumes," said Patrick Mullen, OMVC Executive Committee member and Vice President and General Manager, WPWR. "We now have evidence that the ATSC Mobile DTV Standard is appropriate for widespread adoption in order to bring live and local television broadcasting to the mobile market."

This announcement comes on the heels of other successful field trials. In July 2008, testing was conducted in the Raleigh-Durham television market sponsored by WRAL and the CBC New Media Group in cooperation with LG Electronics, Zenith and Harris Corporation—key developers of the mobile DTV standard. In August, Sinclair Broadcast Group ran a technical field trial using the ATSC Mobile DTV service with WBFF, its Fox-affiliated television station in Baltimore, Md. In addition to its Chicago testing, ION Media has been conducting mobile DTV trials in the Denver area with its KPXC station since October. The broadcaster ascertained that multiple high-quality programs can be reliably delivered on mobile devices at varying speeds.

The proposed ATSC Mobile DTV standard sets the stage for the development of mobile DTV services enabling consumers to access local news, weather and traffic information as well as national sports events, entertainment programs and more, wherever they are. Viewers will be able to choose from a variety of programs just as they would do with cable, satellite or IPTV services from home.

About the Open Mobile Video Coalition

The Open Mobile Video Coalition is a voluntary association of television broadcasters whose mission is to accelerate the development of mobile digital video in the United States. The OMVC is composed of twenty members that own and operate over 450 commercial television stations, as well as the Association of Public Television Stations, which represents an additional 360 public television stations. Membership in the OMVC is open to all U.S.-based television broadcasters. Members are committed to fostering open competition in the development of products and services related to television. For more information, please visit


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