News | June 15, 1999

Panasonic Offers 1080p/24 Frame Film Production System

Before the end of 2001, Panasonic Broadcast intends to introduce a film production system based on 1080p (progressive scan) and at a picture rate of 24 frames per second. The system will include a master 1080p/24 frame D-5-HD based VTR with the capability of recording eight independent, uncompressed sound tracks.

A new range of 1080p/24 frame HDTV cameras and also a new generation of monitors will also be launched. Panasonic's Universal Format Converter will accompany this product to allow HD film masters to be made available on HDTV and SDTV standards. This will allow 1080p/24 masters to be converted to 575i/50, 1080i/50, 480i/60, 480p/60, 720p/60, and 1080p/60.