News | December 20, 2018

Pixelworks Technology Enables ADSB Broadcast Compatibility In 4K Set-Top-Boxes And Personal Video Recorder From Leading Japanese Manufacturers

Pixelworks’ XCode 6830 4K HEVC decoder platform provides compatibility for new ADSB standard in newly released in-home media devices from Sharp, I/O Data and Maspro

San Jose, CA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), a leading provider of power-efficient visual processing solutions, announced today that multiple consumer electronics device makers in Japan are utilizing the Company’s market-leading ultra-high definition (UHD) decoder and transcoding technology to power a range of ADSB-compatible set-top-boxes and 4K Blu-ray recorders.

ADSB is a new 4K broadcast standard that was recently launched in Japan, bringing UHD content to households throughout the country. With Pixelworks’ innovative processing technology integrated into a series of in-home media devices from leading consumer electronics OEMs, ADSB and the higher quality broadcast content it enables can now be viewed, recorded and streamed by a growing number of Japanese consumers.

The Pixelworks Xcode 6830 4K HEVC Decoder Platform Is Currently Incorporated Into And Supports ADSB Broadcast Standard Capability In The Following In-Home Media Devices:

  • Sharp ADSB 4K STB model 4S-COOAS1
  • I/O Data ADSB 4K STB model HVT-4KBC
  • Maspro ADSB 4K STB model DT814

Additionally, Sharp’s newest ADSB 4K Blu-ray recorder, model 4B-C40AT3, utilizes the Pixelworks XCode 6830 decoder and XCode 5190 transcoder to offer advanced personal video recorder (PVR) and streaming capability. Pixelworks’ advanced decoder platform enables the recording of high-quality ADSB content to either a built-in hard disk drive or external USB drive, as well as perform smooth fast-forward or rewind functions. Equipped with three ISDBT/BS/110CS digital tuners, the Sharp Aquos 4K Blu-ray recorder allows users to watch or record 4K broadcast content on one channel while simultaneously recording two other channels. In addition to supporting the BT.2020 specification, which offers wide color space for HDR10 TVs and players, the Sharp Aquos 4K Blu-ray recorder provides Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)-to-HDR10 conversion for viewing on UHD TVs. As a result of the new ADSB broadcast standard being based on HLG and many TVs not being HLG-capable, Pixelworks’ technology converts HLG content to HDR10 to enable HDR-quality content on non-HLG TVs.

Utilizing Pixelworks’ XCode 5190 transcoding technology, the Aquos 4K recorder also enables viewers to watch recorded content on Wi-Fi-connected tablets and smartphones.

“The newest in-home recording and streaming devices from Japan’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers are expected to increase the number of households viewing ADSB broadcast content, bringing the new 4K standard to the mainstream,” said Anthony Gioeli, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Video Devices at Pixelworks. “Complementing the ADSB compatibility enabled by our XCode 6830 decoder platform, next-generation systems that feature our state-of-the-art XCode 5190 transcoding engine are also able to deliver ultra-rich content to viewers’ mobile devices over Wi-Fi.”

The newest generation ADSB set-top-boxes from Sharp, I/O Data and Maspro, as well as the recently launched Sharp Aquos 4K PVR are currently shipping and available in the Japanese market.

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