Router Control

Source: OmniBus
Router Control
Conductor provides a Central Apparatus Room control system
OmniBuspparatus Room control system and applications within this product offer control of multiple routers and matrix levels supplied by a range of manufacturers. It can control different resources within the network such as colour correctors, synchronisers and distribution amplifiers as well as providing inter-connections between different router matrices via the Tie-line Management System.

Specialist applications within Conductor - such as the Router Path, Monitor Wall/Under Monitor Display and the Satellite Control Applications - combine resource control with router control. It uses high-speed Ethernet connections to pass instructions and data between devices. Multiple actions such as complex multi-level routings happen virtually simultaneously. As requirements differ, all Routing Applications are tailored to meet exact needs. Conductor combines individual disciplines to produce a straightforward solution to a complex problem. Router and resource control can be combined.

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