News | June 15, 1999

Scientific-Atlanta Plans Offers Expanded Explorer Set-Top Family

Atlanta-based Scientific-Atlanta plans to expand its digital set-top product line with three new set-tops that will complement its Explorer 2000 set-top. The Explorer 6000, Explorer 3000, and Explorer 2000S set-tops will be designed to support a choice of set-top features and capabilities for an increasingly varied range of digital interactive TV services.

The expanded Explorer set-top family will be designed to support both existing and new applications such as video-on-demand, InternetTV services, IP video conferencing, digital-in-picture, and local storage that can be used, for example, to download music over the Internet. Like the Explorer 2000 set-top, the Explorer 6000, 3000, and 2000S set-tops will be designed to support interactive two-way applications ranging from instant video-on-demand to e-commerce.

All Explorers will also support a superior digital broadcast experience for cable subscribers and will interoperate on Scientific-Atlanta's Internet Protocol (IP)-based network. They will be fully compatible with the existing digital network and are expected to support the current applications developed for the Explorer 2000 set-top.