News | May 28, 2019

Self-Develop-Channel Provides TV Channels For Small To Large Businesses On Demand

The company's latest technology has changed marketing as you know it

Marietta, GA /PRNewswire/ - As most people know, the world is rapidly cutting their cable lines and switching to Streaming TV through many sources. Yet businesses globally are still spending billions to advertise on traditional television, while missing millions of viewers in the on demand TV platform.

For the first time, Self-Develop-Channel's services allow companies of any size to compete in the Television Marketing arena. Over 100 million viewers are already on these platforms and still growing. They show viewers how to share their brand and their business with the world.

Beverly Frazier, the independent TV Channel Developer, states having the technology to allow the company to operate an entire channel on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV simultaneously, allows them to eliminate the time restrictions of Traditional TV for viewers. How well could a business market with the ability to provide customers an unlimited amount of video content related to your business and/or services without other videos swiping viewing traffic, avoiding the high cost of Google Ads spend $1000 or more per long-tailed keyword.

Self-Develop-Channel knows for many businesses, the high cost of advertising on television was out of reach. Now, with the company's great new technology, they can provide not only On-Demand-TV-Channels Programs for viewers, they can also provide Live Streaming for events or specials to include scheduling anytime customers want their viewers to enjoy the replay, while maintaining a very affordable rate for businesses small, medium or large.

Our main focus is developing TV programs which are informative and add value to the TV audience, which is also beneficial to the business owners providing the videos, and maintaining of TV Channels for all types of business owners. This is a sole-proprietor ran operation, with a really great team of programmers who team up with us to keep everything running smoothly, offering for a more personalized service a top priority for each individual business client.

Source: Self-Develop-Channel

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