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SiTune STN6528 ISDB-S3 Tuner Is Incorporated Into Sumitomo Electric's Cable Set-Top Box For 4K/8K Digital Satellite Broadcast Reception

San Jose, CA /PRNewswire/ - SiTune Corporation, an innovative pioneer in CMOS Radio Frequency (RF) transceivers, broadband tuners, wireless radios for cable and satellite communications and wireless infrastructure, today announced that STN6528 ISDB-S3 silicon tuner has profoundly contributed to the market success of Sumitomo Electric's Cable STB by realizing the next-generation standard for 4K/8K satellite digital broadcasting. The Sumitomo Electric Cable STB, model ST4302, has been available since March 31, 2019 and distributed to several CATV operators via Sumitomo's partner today.

SiTune STN6528 is the industry's first and only available silicon tuner to support the new advanced wide band digital satellite broadcasting standard, 3rd generation ISDB-S3, ARIB STD-B44. The STN6528 supports ISDB-S3 modulations up to 32APSK, and frequency of up to 3.2GHz due its support of wide spectrum reception along with its superior phase noise and linearity performance.

Sumitomo Electric is providing their Cable STB products to Japanese service providers that seek to enable ISDB-S3 satellite reception in cable systems. The Sumitomo Electric's Cable STB supports BS4K broadcasting, Hybridcast™ linkage of broadcasting, and communications with voice commands. It is equipped with 3 SiTune STN6528 tuners and can record up to two 4K/8K digital satellite broadcasting programs while playing the third 4K/8K digital satellite broadcast program.

The SiTune STN6528 tuner also supports the traditional ISDB-T/J.83 QAM terrestrial/cable services alongside ISDB-S3/S digital full HD 4K/8K satellite broadcasts. The Sumitomo Electric's Cable STB is the only product that can support both satellite and terrestrial/cable RF inputs and is capable of receiving three channels of 4K/8K ISBS3 or ISDBT/C, thanks to the STN6528 highly integrated tuner.

"SiTune's STN6528 Tuner has enabled Sumitomo Electric to provide a Cable STB with the best ISDB-S3 tuner solution for 4K TV designs in Japan," said Hiroaki Nishimoto, Sumitomo Electric's General Manager, Broad Networks Division. "With the release of our Sumitomo Electric Cable STB, Sumitomo Electric is supporting Cable Operators with the best new product capable of receiving 4K satellite broadcast in their network."

"Being designed into Sumitomo Electric's Cable STB and enabling the development of 4K/8K television market in Japan is an exciting moment for SiTune," said Marzieh Veyseh, SiTune's Chief Product Officer. "Sumitomo Electric has been an excellent partner and provides high quality STBs with industry leading performance enabling 4K/8K satellite market for Cable Operators in Japan."

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