Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Synchronous Group, Inc.

Source: Synchronous, Inc.
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Synchronous is a privately held electronics company, providing advanced engineering, manufacturing and sales of high quality equipment used in the transmission of signals for broadband communications and cable television. Synchronous is dedicated to the development and manufacture of advanced fiber optic transmission systems. The company developed practical 1550 nm External Modulation transmission a full line of Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers in the early 1990s.The advanced technology developed by the company resulted in the award of five US patents relating to External Modulation transmitters.

Recent product development includes the Constellation Series, 3rd generation modular transmission and receiving equipment and a complete line of DWDM systems for forward and return transmission of cable TV signals. Synchronous has recently introduced the Corvus, 32/64 wavelength digital return system which combines with DWDM technology to provide new, efficient architectures for cable television systems. Synchronous products also include multichannel Digital Transmission Systems for baseband, TV-IF and QAM signals, general purpose laser transmission systems and advanced optical receivers, including fiber-to-the-curb and fiber-to-the-home receivers.

While Synchronous continues to lead the way in developing new, advanced technology for use in all types of broadband systems, the company remains dedicated to providing responsive customer services. From an across the board 3 year warranty to field and home office technical support, Synchronous is dedicated to a goal of 100% customer satisfaction.