Video Transport Control Software

Source: Viewgraphics, Inc.
DTV:Net 2.0 improves IP-based video transmission performance and reliability with support for multicasting
DTV:Net 2.0 improves IP-based video transmission performance and reliability with support for multicasting, Linux OS, Quality of Service (QoS) procedures, and industry standard signal protocols. Additionally, DTV:Net 2.0 adds a sophisticated remote session management capability.

DTV:Net 2.0 offers a cost-effective, open systems approach to video-over-IP by complying with the current industry standards for Internet real-time streaming (RTP, RTSP, SDP) and multicasting, including the Internet group management protocol (IGMP) that provides interoperability capabilities with compliant receivers across the IP network. DTV:Net 2.0 also supports popular web streaming applications and industry standard set top boxes.

For added control and efficiency, DTV:Net 2.0 includes a remote Session Manager, a powerful yet convenient control module that provides remote monitoring and management of transmitters and receivers across the network with an easy-to-use interface. For increased transmission reliability, Viewgraphics has added support for PID filtering and Quality of Service procedures, allowing operators to prioritize IP packets for better system management and dependable real-time traffic administration. DTV:Net's RTP protocol support gives operators precise time stamp functionality for higher quality video transmissions.

DTV:Net 2.0 units transmit and receive digital video. MPEG-2 video is sent into the transmitter DTV:Net unit via a Viewgraphics, MediaPump interface adapter. To transmit this stream from one gateway to another, operators link multiple DTV:Net systems on the network by entering the destination IP addresses using DTV:Net's Session Manager control module with its easy-to-use interface. DTV:Net 2.0 also functions as a streaming media gateway for MPEG-2 over IP. To transmit video from a DTV:Net 2.0 unit to an IP multicast group the operator simply enters the IP multicast address into the Session Manager. Any IP streaming media client on the network is then able to receive and decode the MPEG-2 video stream by joining this multicast group.

The DTV:Net 2.0 flexibly configures the datagram packets, offering optimized throughput of up to 60 Mbps on a 100 base-T Ethernet connection and over 100 Mbps on a gigabit Ethernet connection. DTV:Net is optimized for interoperability with network routers and other network transmission equipment.

High reliability is the key requirement of end-to-end broadcast and multicast systems. DTV:Net 2.0 offers robust and flexible reliability in several ways. DTV:Net's Session Manager control module allows operators to reconfigure bit rates on the fly to flexibly shape traffic to network conditions. The DTV:Net system is error resilient allowing the end-to-end system to automatically recover when the IP network gets congested. DTV:Net offers clock synchronization and avoids clock drift for optimal end-to-end system performance and ensuring high reliability.

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