Turnkey Datacomm Network Installation Services

Source: A'nD Cable Products
The Company...A'n D Network Services is a design and build communications contracting firm which has been providing quality service to the Bay Area since 1989. We have served corporations such as Georgia Pacific, AG Edwards and Pacific 10 Conference, as well as many others located in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento Valley. Our staff operates as a team and each customer is assigned a combination of professionals which we believe will best serve the customers' needs. This specialization assures you of competent, efficient, and technically accurate results. Installation Technicians and their supervisors are trained and certified to install Krone, Panduit, Leviton, Ortronics and Siecor structured wiring systems and hardware. Our Network Engineering teams can handle Novell, Windows NT, Linux and Unix systems.
Structured Cabling Plans...As an investment, structured cabling plans provide exceptional return. A structured cabling system will outlive all other networking components. It requires minimal upgrades and ultimately saves your business both time and money. High-Performance cabling can further extend the life of your network at minimal incremental cost, so it makes good sense to choose a system now that will meet your anticipated requirements well into the future. We are certified to install the following structured wire systems: Krone Leviton Panduit Ortronics Siecor Our cabling is designed to handle a broad range of communications from telephone, fax, and modem traffic to high speed data and video. Points to Consider when Planning... Performance Bandwidth Requirements Future Application Life Cycle Cost The People...As a team of professionals, our greatest assets are our "People Attitude" and our customer philosophy. Our staff of technicians have diversified backgrounds and experience in all technical areas of the Telecommunications Industry