VOD Server

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VOD Server
The MediaHawk Model 2000 Video-On-Demand (VOD) Server with accompanying software is designed to support multiple digital set-top boxes...
The MediaHawk Model 2000 Video-On-Demand (VOD) Server with accompanying software is designed to support multiple digital set-top boxes, including Scientific-Atlanta, Motorola, Sony, Pioneer, and Pace set-top box platforms.

The model is designed to operate optimally in both a distributed network architecture, minimizing network transport infrastructure requirements and system costs, and a centralized network architecture, minimizing physical space requirements and incremental facility costs. It can support VOD in the largest broadband systems, featuring an architecture that supports as many interconnected servers as needed.

The system is also modular and easily scalable. Customers can scale both video storage and stream capacity in various increments, allowing for significant flexibility and efficiency.

The video server is encased in a small 19" wide and 17 1/2" high chassis, which permits customers to save, rack space in system operators' head-ends, network operations centers, and hubs. The disks are positioned in the front of the server for easy access and upgrades. Upgrades supporting next generation disk technology are easily accomplished without the need for changing out the server.

The product stores a large amount of programming - more than 1,200 feature-length films in a single rack, using RAID5 technology. A single rack is capable of streaming 1,792 streams. It can deliver over 200 megabits per second per output card.

Integrated high-density Quadrature Amplitude Modulators (QAMs) and RF up-converters are supported. Integrated QAMs and RF up-converters lower costs and reduce physical footprint requirements for the broadband system operator.

Fully redundant power supplies, with universal power modules, are embedded into the new model. If primary input power is lost to the server, a secondary power input is available to ensure continuous service. Multiple power inputs are supporting including 115vac through 230vac and -48vdc).

The product also features rotational sensing cooling fans coupled with heat monitoring sensors. If the ambient operating temperature increases, the cooling fan speed increases automatically to keep the server cool and ensure continuous service.

The VOD system is a completely integrated end-to-end VOD solution that includes a backoffice management system. The MediaHawk Broadband VOD BackOffice BMS fulfills all of the system operator's VOD system needs, while minimizing requirements for special training and/or additional staff. Designed for the MediaHawk's open application environment, the BackOffice BMS provides tools for automated provisioning, content management, and customer service representative (CSR) interfaces.

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