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  1. LG 4K UHD TVs In Korea Include ATSC 3.0 Tuners

    LG Electronics (LG), co-developer of the ATSC 3.0 next-generation television broadcast standard, confirmed today that all LG 4K Ultra HD TVs now on the market in South Korea already incorporate ATSC 3.0 tuning circuitry

  2. Pearl TV And Sony Develop First ATSC 3.0 Application Environment For Next-Generation Broadcast TV Model Market

    Pearl TV today announced a collaborative project with Sony Electronics to develop an essential viewer navigation ingredient for next-generation television – a new type of on-screen television program guide that will be responsive to consumer commands

  3. Cox Media Group Removes KIRO-TV From Frontier Communications’ Seattle FiOS Customers

    Frontier Communications FiOS customers in the Seattle area have lost access to KIRO-TV programming as Frontier refuses to agree to Cox Media Group’s demands for large fee increases of more than 80 percent over the next three-year contract period

  4. All Media Baltics To Deliver Top-Quality TV Reception Via SES Video

    All Media Baltics’ Pay TV subscribers will be able to enjoy the broadcaster’s channel package in HD quality, including its original premium TV channels, at 5 degrees East, following a multi-year capacity agreement announced by SES

  5. SuiteBox VideoSign Proof Of Signature

    SuiteBox, a leading provider of digital meeting services, is proud to announce the release of their newest technology enhancement: VideoSign Proof of Signature

  6. Comcast And Pandora Partner To Reinvent The Pandora Music Experience On Xfinity X1

    Pandora, the largest streaming music provider in the U.S., and Comcast, a global media and technology company, recently announced a completely reinvented streaming music experience on Xfinity X1 with a deeper Pandora integration

  7. CellTrak Releases French-Canadian Version Of Its Operations Team Portal

    CellTrak Technologies, the provider of the industry’s leading Care Delivery Management solution used at over 4,000 home care agency locations in the US, Canada and the UK, recently announced the release of a French-Canadian version of its Operations Team Portal

  8. Antennas Direct Releases The ClearStream VIEW™ Wall Frame Amplified Indoor TV Antenna

    Antennas Direct just can't stop, they have reinvented the over-the-air television viewing experience with a powerful, new, and extremely stylish wall frame UHF/VHF indoor HDTV antenna

  9. CinemaQuest, Inc. Announces Their ‘Ideal-Lume’ Video Viewing Environment Bias Lights Now Feature LED Technology

    The "Ideal-Lume" product line has been the solution of choice for video colorists, studio professionals, and videophile consumers world-wide

  10. Korean Christian Broadcaster CBS Relies On TVU One Mobile IP Live Video Transmitter To Extend Its Audience Reach

    Since airing as the first independent radio station in South Korea in 1954, CBS has developed a long-standing reputation of broadcasting high-quality news and entertainment content. Its nationwide radio network has since expanded into 14 branches, and in 2002, the broadcaster began its own Christian television station