Product Showcase

    Great Deal on Sony XGA!
  2. Aspect Ratio Converter
    A compact (1RU) and versatile aspect ratio converter offers 10-bit, true broadcast quality conversion
  3. Concerto Series Compact Routing Matrix - Mix Formats Like Never Before
    Our Concerto™ Series compact routing matrix lets you mix digital and analog, audio and video formats within a single frame. This powerful, 7 RU system makes expansion easy—it takes just one card to change a 32x32 system to 64x64 or only four cards to configure up to a 128x128 matrix. An optional TDM backbone for audio and data lets you link multiple matrices to create even larger systems.
  4. Motion Corrector
    ShakeOut from Snell & Wilcox provides real-time correction to the problems of unsteadiness frequently encountered in television pictures...
  5. 7500 NB - More Than Just Audio Routing
    Our next-generation 7500 NB Series narrowband routing matrix is the perfect low-power, low-cost solution for low-bandwidth signals. Designed for synchronous or asynchronous digital audio, it's an ideal companion for our 7500 WB wideband routing matrix. It's also a great choice for data routing. And facilities such as telecommunications and cable operations will appreciate its 48 VDC power connection.
  6. Noise Reducer
    Film grain, dirt, scratches and dropouts can now be detected and repaired in real-time with the "Puritan" noise reducer...
  7. NewsEdit™ Nonlinear Editor - Built For Speed And Workflow Efficiency. Tuned For News.
    We designed our Grass Valley™ NewsEdit™ nonlinear editor specifically for cuts-only editing bays. With no pre-digitization requirement, it's twice as fast as other nonlinear systems, letting you record directly from tape to timeline and view edits on the fly—just
  8. Motion Estimation Software
    FloMo is a software extension of Ph.C, the company’s phase correlation motion estimation technology. For the first time, the company's motion estimation expertise...
  9. Kalypso™ Video Production Center - Setting a New Standard for Live Production
    Our Kalypso™ Video Production Center puts unparalleled live production tools at your fingertips. This digital system offers powerful mix/effects capabilities with unprecedented levels of keying and compositing and an open, networked architecture for robust
  10. FeedClip™ Interactive Feed Capture
    With our Grass Valley™ FeedClip™ interactive feed capture system, you can turn around live events faster than in an all-tape environment. You can mark clips on the fly with a single keystroke, make them available for editing, and get them to air fast.