Product Showcase

  1. Cable Load Generator: R&S CLG

    Rohde & Schwarz's CLG cable load generator is a multichannel signal generator for cable TV signals that operates in the 47 MHz to 1002 MHz frequency range. It features up to 119 channels for European cable television, and up to 158 channels for US cable television. Users are able to simulate any possible channel loading scenario in the lab due to the CLG’s ability to generate freely combined digital and analog TV signals.

  2. Tubular Ceramic Capacitors

    For over 30 years, Corry Micronics, Inc. has been manufacturing tubular ceramic capacitors for use in their own filtered products. CMI now sells these same high quality ceramic capacitors direct to companies needing filters in their products. CMI has more than one hundred types and sizes of tubular ceramics already in production.

  3. DCR-8 - Dual-Controlled Remote Broadband Switch

    The DCR-8 is an eight port switch remotely controllable via USB or Ethernet. The switch automatically recognizes either type of control connection. Control microwave signals with a laptop or PC using the USB interface or remotely over the internet.

  4. HXI Gigalink® HD-Link Single And Dual Channel
    HXI, LLC introduces the first unlicensed wireless system to transport uncompressed production HD/SDI video. Our patented Direct Digital Modulation (DDM) enables us to transport up to (2) independent, uncompressed SMPTE 292M (SMPTE 372M) production video streams simultaneously without the need for compression or forward error correction and the associated latency.
  5. Starz Entertainment Goes HD With Archion’s Alliance Pro Storage System
    Archion, the media and entertainment industry’s leading provider of intelligent storage solutions for content creation, recently announced that Starz Entertainment has deployed a 24 TB Alliance Pro storage system to enable a shared storage environment that would maximize their high bandwidth requirements
  6. Filtered Military Circular Connectors

    Corry Micronics' complete line of Filtered Military Circular Connectors includes MIL-C-38999 Series I, II, and III, MIL-C-26482 Series II, and MIL-C-83723 Series III. Available filtering options include “C”, “C2”, “L”, “J”, and “Pi” circuits, and can include 0.1J or 0.3J Bi-Directional Transient protection

  7. Ultra-Compact, HD 3CCD Cameras For 3D Applications: IK-HD1
    Toshiba Imaging Systems Division introduces the world's smallest high definition camera head and ultra-compact control unit, the IK-HD1 3CCD HDTV Camera. The revolutionary HD color camera system is perfect for scientific imaging / diagnostics, specialty broadcast, homeland security and industrial video / inspection applications.
  8. Spectra Logic Storage Solutions For Media And Entertainment: Tape Archiving
    Spectra Logic digital archive solutions provide constant access to your digital assets. A good tape archive provides constant and fast access to media assets, stores a large quantity of assets in a small space and easily expands to keep up with growing storage requirements.
  9. Surface-Mount EMI Filters

    The Surface Mount EMI Filter family consists of two sizes and two circuit types. The 8 mm long filter offers capacitance values up to 4000 pF, and the 10 mm long filter offers capacitance values up to 8200 pF.

  10. High Current Bolt-In Filters

    The high current filter family from Corry Micronic's consists of three standard current types: 50 ampere, 150 ampere, and 200 ampere. The standard product line filters are rated with a working voltage of 200 volts DC, 140 volts AC, and have a capacitance of 0.22 µF.