Supplier News

  1. Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning: Lessons Learned From The Front
    Best practice indicates that a successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation can, in fact, force an organization to reevaluate its business practices and processes, focus on clearly defined goals and objectives, create a higher understanding of the need for data accuracy, emphasize time-phased material planning, and enable a more effective data-sharing environment. However, such high-level benefits require a new approach to project implementation, one that applies the lessons of the past to reinvent the systems of the future. Submitted by SAP Americas.
  2. Drop Proofing A Hard Disk Drive
    When was the last time you dropped your desktop PC? When it was running? Never you say? Well the hard disk drive in your desktop PC probably doesn't need drop protection while running. Designing a hand held device, like a PDA, cell phone or MP3 player with a hard disk drive requires designing in some kind of drop protection. Hitachi has the technology, products and services to permit your device to have up to 8GB of storage in a robust, reliable and cost-effective package. Submitted by RubySky Technologies
  3. Nearline Goes Native: Tiered Storage With FC Disk Drives
    The advent of Fibre Channel (FC) prompted a new network paradigm: the storage area network (SAN). With every server able to see every storage device in an FC SAN, data accessibility skyrocketed-and network efficiency with it. Now tiered storage has rewritten the rules for FC storage efficiency, complementing established online and offline storage platforms with a third tier of nearline storage to cost-effectively house the rarely accessed but fundamentally essential data that's flooding the enterprise. Submitted by RubySky Technologies
  4. Storage System Bottlenecks And Their Solutions
    In today's demanding and competitive business world, it is critical for IT departments to obtain optimum end-to-end performance from their companies' computing solutions. To accomplish this, however, they must first understand one of the most critical pieces of the end-to-end computing solution puzzle: the storage system. Submitted by RubySky Technologies
  5. “Everything’s A-OK” With Sesame Workshop’s Storage Solution
    The Information Please online almanac lists just two inspiring milestones for 1969. One is Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. The other is the debut of Sesame Street
  6. Cost Effective Digital Video Asset Management In A Group Station Environment
    Consider a typical video tape archive. Walls of Beta, VHS, reel tape and now DV tapes stored on expensive shelving in a climate controlled room, usually in storage cases with hand written labels on them, or for the more organized systems with barcode labels
  7. Case Study: Fortra Ends Video Production Company's Long Storage Search
    Stream Santa Monica is a DVD Authoring and compression facility, and a party of Liberty Livewire, an international production company with thirty subsidiaries worldwide...
  8. Case Study: Video Magazine Grows Business And Profits With Fortra SAN Solution
    While 411 Productions was quickly growing as a business, it’s video editing bays were holding it back; with out a networked system, editors had to switch drives manually and log onto a different computer for every project… but that all changed with the installation of the Fortra SAN solution by JMR Electronics.
  9. Keeping Backup Simple: Purchasing The Right Systems
    This is the first in a series of three white papers addressing the issues of complexity, compliance, and cost – the primary difficulties that organizations contend with in the protection of data
  10. Harry Potter And The Secret Of Storage
    Hollywood movies are increasingly computer-generated (CG). Big-budget pictures use effects in every shot, but more modest films have started using CG imagery as well, to reduce costs. As a result, post-production houses are under constant pressure to increase capacity while also keeping up with the very latest technical advances - putting huge demands on their data storage. That's why one post-production company turned to Nexsan, the leader in innovative storage technology. Submitted by Nexsan