Supplier News

  1. Technical Evolution In The Broadcast Industry
    Broadcasting technology has been evolving since the industry began. The process begins with the development of technology advances, followed by deployment in pioneering normal way of doing things.
  2. White Paper: Digital Archive Transforms News Processes At CNN
    One of the world's largest television digital asset management projects, digitally managing over 200,000 hours of archive material
  3. Storage Area Networks: The Superior Storage Solution
    This paper discusses the critical factors that are driving the SAN revolution; compares traditional and SAN technologies; presents seven key SAN benefits and how they positively impact business operations; and concludes with an overview of why some of the most demanding customers in the world choose Dot Hill's world-class products, services, and SAN solutions. Submitted by Dot Hill Systems
  4. Using Fibre Channel To Reduce SCSI Storage Costs
    An intermediate solution – DAS supporting multiple servers using FC without switches – has become a sensible and desired alternative for reducing SCSI storage costs. Fortunately, innovative FC-based DAS solutions are now available to fill the void between traditional SCSI-based DAS and FC-based SAN. This white paper explores how FC DAS solutions apply the benefits of Fibre Channel to reduce SCSI storage costs without requiring SAN switches. Submitted by Dot Hill Systems
  5. Achieving 99.9998+% Storage Uptime And Availability
    Information is the lifeblood of the global economy. And with worldwide buyers and sellers operating on a 24/7/365 basis, the need for building information systems that approach 100 percent uptime and data availability is more acute than ever. Simply put, the global economy runs on information. More importantly, it runs on available information. Submitted by Dot Hill Systems
  6. Providing Speed And Continuous Operation For Advanced Digital Video And Film Editing Systems
    Today's video, audio, and graphics editing systems are geared to increasing productivity through speed, collaboration, and multitasking. This paper covers some of the key architectural differences that are significant in Video applications between Emulex' switches and those from their competitors. Submitted by Info X Technology Solutions
  7. Fibre Channel Fundamentals
    This report describes Fibre Channel technology, key features, and applications, and compares the scope and performance of Fibre Channel and SCSI. Submitted by Spectra Logic
  8. Evaluating Tape Libraries For Storage Consolidation
    Given the overwhelming advantages of storage consolidation, IT departments are planning the inevitable move toward centralizing and simplifying data storage. The key to consolidation is good planning: identify an organization's storage requirements for disk-based storage and the perfect library for tape storage. Submitted by Spectra Logic
  9. Corry Micronics Introduces a Complete Line of Industry Standard Filter Plates
    Corry Micronics releases for production a series of industry standard filter plates...
  10. Corry Micronics Introduces a Complete Line of Hermetic Feedthrus
    Corry Micronics releases for production a series of hermetically sealed EMI filters...